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Sean Hopkins ‏@seanhop20 9h9 hours ago

@OwensDefense I would be ashamed if he was voted a first ballot hall of famer

You would be ashamed? What does any of this have to do with you?

@OwensDefense everywhere he played he split locker rooms and called out coaches. Called out Garcia on his sexuality too. Get over yourself
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Owens never called out Garcia on his sexuality. Owens was asked, when the two were no longer teammates, if he thought there was any truth to the long-standing rumors that his former teammate, Jeff Garcia, was gay. Owens replied, “like my boy tells me – if it looks like a rat, smells like a rat – by golly, it’s a rat.” In other words, he personally thought he was. In the same interview, he said he wouldn’t personally have a problem with a gay teammate. Where’s the “calling out” here. And how does this matter in terms of being a team player when the two weren’t even teammates at the time?

Once again, we get the moronic “split locker room” nonsense, as though one man can “split” an entire locker room…and a locker room is going to be “split” (whatever that means) because of any of the crap the media accused Owens of saying/doing in the first place.

@OwensDefense room in half. In Dallas he tore that team apart called out Romo and witten and the coaches
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Oh, he split it in half? Not in a 73-37% ratio? Or maybe 71.5/28.5? How convenient it’s perfectly in half like that. That sounds really bad, like the worst case scenario. Good to know we’re dealing in objectivity here.

Called out Romo and Witten and the coaches? When was this? Was this when Ed Werder was saying a “source who speaks regularly with Owens’s teammates” claimed Owens was jealous of Romo targeting Witten,” which Owens himself publicly denied? Where is the calling out? And more importantly, why would he be calling out Tony Romo after he’d recently played 3 games with Brad Johnson and totaled 8 catches for 100 yards and 1 TD in those 3 games combined, whereas his numbers had shot through the roof since Romo’s return?

@OwensDefense k. People in San Fran HATED him. He was a cancer to everyone. In philly he called out His QB multiple times. Split the locker
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People in San Francisco did not hate him.

Never called out McNabb. That was Hank Fraley and Freddie Mitchell who accused McNabb of getting tired in the Super Bowl. Owens merely made a joke about their comments and the media reaction to them when he was discussing his own conditioning when returning from the broken leg with Len Pasquarelli.

@OwensDefense how come he hasn’t played since 2011 then? Coaches nightmare.

Months shy of turning 39, he failed to make the Seahawks roster. NFL GMs don’t beat down the doors of 39-year-old wide receivers. Only 1 receiver in NFL history played at 40 or older, and his name is Jerry Rice.

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