“Terrell Owens Blames Others And Never Accepts Blame”

“Crazy?” Owens responded when asked what it was like to play in Sunday’s crazy game. “What’s crazy is the fact that we’re just terrible. That’s just plain and simple. When I say we, that’s me included. Let me look you in the eyes and emphasize — we are terrible. Terrible. I have no answers for you. I have no sound bytes for you. All I know is, right now, we are terrible.” (http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/g/a/2010/11/22/fanhouseterrellowensonbengal.DTL)

“That’s commendable for Carson to come in and shoulder the load, but it’s not all his fault. This is something that we have to share together. He’s making his read based on how we practice. And again, I messed it up. I messed it up on the interception, and I didn’t get the ball on the long ball. So blame it on me. I’ll take the blame. I know I’m working hard and trying to do the best I can do. That’s about all I can do.” (http://www.cincyjungle.com/2010/11/16/1817322/terrell-owens-takes-blame-for-loss-against-the-colts)

Although a wild series of events at the end resulted in the Redskins’ victory, it likely would not have come to that if Owens held onto a heave from Romo that would’ve been a 74-yard touchdown and a 26-22 lead.”

“That’s a play that I should make and I didn’t make it and I feel bad,” Owens said. “I honestly feel like I let the team down. I feel like this loss is on my shoulders.

“From here on out, I’ll be a different person,” Owens later added. “I won’t be standing here no more during the season saying I’ve lost the game. … I promise you that. (http://abclocal.go.com/wpvi/story?section=news/sports&id=4743993)


“I let the team down,” Owens said. “I was horrible.” (NL News Bank)

“But there’s a situation where I’m relied on to make a big play. If I’m going to consider myself a big-play player in that type of environment, then I need to make that play.” (link)

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