Terrell Owens Media Accusations Glossary

“He divided the team”

Definition: So many teammates said they liked him when they were asked about him, and this pissed us off because it didn’t fit our narrative.

Details: When reporters went into the Eagles locker room and asked Owens’s teammates what they thought of him now that the media was claiming Owens was causing a major distraction/disrupting the team, they found that tons of players said that he was a great teammate and they personally like him, despite their objective having been to prove the contrary. Remember: If everybody hates a player, he can’t “divide” a locker room. Just ask Keyshawn Johnson.

Origin: 2005, AFTER the Eagles suspended and deactivated Owens. Never used before that. Revisionist historians went back and applied it to San Francisco when that expression had never, EVER been used during Owens’s time in San Francisco, trying to link the completely different controversies he had in San Francisco (controversial TD celebrations, relationship turned sour with Mariucci following star celebrations, cameras catching him yelling at Greg Knapp on the sidelines during the “Owens vs. Moss” 49ers/Vikings game in 03, and media-contrived Jeff Garcia spat from completely twisted words after politically correct response to question about starting Rattay) with the outrageous media obsession with Owens and disruption of the Eagles that was led by ESPN during the 2005 season.

“He’s divisive”

Definition: See “he divided the team”

Details: See “he divided the team”

Origin: 2005: AFTER the Eagles suspended and deactivated Owens.

“He’s disruptive/a distraction”

Definition: The media that stalks him and deliberately misinterprets perfectly politically correct answers to questions is disruptive/a distraction.

Details: Reporters behaving ridiculously, obsessively asking Eagles players tons of questions about Terrell Owens and the controversy they themselves contrived, caused a chaotic atmosphere on television and the players started to become genuinely frustrated and distracted by both having to answer the ridiculous amount of questions and hearing about it on TV, which included the “story” being discussed for the MAJORITY of Sportscenter. But instead of acknowledging that the media’s ridiculous reaction is the distraction, they pretend that their reaction is completely normal and justified and Owens CAUSED them to go out of control and is responsible for the media’s unfathomably overboard actions that never would have been possible just 6 years earlier, when Sportscenter was an hour long news and highlights show that comprehensively covered all the teams and sports each episode and never concerned itself with the network’s “analysts” (of which there were very few, anyway, and they were much more conservative with their opinions), nor discussed any topic like this for very long. Not to mention: No PTI, no Around the Horn…a day on ESPN was the 3 live Sportscenter editions, the long loop of Sportscenter reruns during the morning, and things such as Tropical Bass Fishing and weight lifting on during the afternoon, prior to Up Close, where Chris Myers or Gary Miller would interview someone from the sports world, render no judgment, and the interview would never be mentioned for even one SECOND on the 6:30 ET edition of Sportscenter it led into.

Origin: 2005

“He’s a team cancer”

Definition: The media has actually convinced me that one of the greatest receivers in NFL history is somehow bad for a football team in some intangible way.

Details: Despite all the facts showing the contrary, the media treating Owens like he was 1994 O.J. Simpson means that he’s bad for the football team. Forget each team he was on being better with him than without him…sweep it under the rug, or move the goal posts and say that the reason the team was worse without him is “he destroyed it.”

Remember the following model:

If Owens is gone from a team and they win the following year, it proves Owens was the problem and they’re better off without him, the team cancer/distraction.

If Owens is gone from a team and they lose the following year, it proves Owens destroyed the team/locker room, causing them to fail in the future.

Origin: 2005

“He’s an egomaniac”

Definition: I am judging him from the overall image I get based on his media-created mythology.

Details: In addition to his creative touchdown celebrations being an undeniable reflection on his personality, he answers questions the media asks him about himself with the words “I” and “me” and then the questions he was asked are removed from the quotes so that people can say he always says “I” and “me,” proving he’s a narcissist.

Origin: 2000, following star celebrations

“He’s selfish”

Definition: I am judging him from the overall image I get based on his media-created mythology.

Details: The media assumes Owens cares about his numbers, getting attention, and their eye/ear-catching angles as much as they do. They play fantasy football and talk all week about “Owens vs. Moss,” and if they talk about it, the guy celebrating touchdowns in a flamboyant fashion must care just as much. Never mind Owens volunteering to come off the bench before the start of the 1998 season to allow Jerry Rice and J.J. Stokes to start.

Origin: 2000, following star celebrations

“He throws teammates under the bus”

Definition: The media falsely claimed Owens threw his quarterback under the bus on two different teams. Nobody else, though. I not only believe that lie, I prefer painting with broad strokes and just say “teammates” to make it sound like a bigger and less specific “problem” than it is.

Details: The media completely twisted his words/the context and claimed Owens “called out” two of his quarterbacks: Jeff Garcia in San Francisco and Donovan McNabb in Philadelphia. No others, though. Just the quarterbacks…but it sounds much more devastating to paint with broad strokes and say “teammates,” even though they couldn’t provide a single example of even a completely manufactured “feud” with any other teammates in his entire career, because his job as a wide receiver was never co-dependent on any other position on the team, hence there was no way to ask him an inflammatory question about a player from any other position and then completely twist his politically correct words into something else.

Origin: 2005, following Owens’s interview with Graham Bensinger

“He tries to draw attention to himself/is desperate for attention”

Definition: The media gives Owens attention over trivial/non-newsworthy things and he reacts to them.

Details: The media makes Owens’s REACTION in which he attempts to use humor to make light of the attention they give him over absolutely nothing out to be the ACTION that CAUSES them to HAVE to pay attention to him. Stalking him home and having helicopters flying over his house wasn’t the cause, it was Owens playing basketball in his driveway and then deciding to make fun of the outrageous situation of the media treating it like a hostage crisis or O.J. Simpson fleeing police in 1994 by getting his exercise equipment out of the garage and doing situps while reporters insisted on interviewing him.

Origin: 2005, following Owens’s one week suspension from camp that led to the “driveway situps.”

“He’s trying to remain relevant”

Definition: Owens agreed to do an interview with someone who asked him to do one.

Details: After whatever quote they want turned into a headline makes its way around the internet, it is pretended that Owens forced his quote out there into cyberspace.

Origin: 2010, when Owens was hoping to get signed, before the Bengals actually did sign him.

“It’s always someone else’s fault”

Definition: All these myths that emanated from the media microscope he was placed under for a single and harmless incident are common knowledge and can not be debated, don’t you know?

Details: Because of the target on Owens’s back that emanated from the star celebrations in 2000, a bunch of false and contrived “incidents” became attached to Owens as the alleged negative attribute genres expanded over the years. When people try to drag Owens into refuting each myth/media-created conflict, he tells the truth, and people think that when a list of refuted “incidents” goes on so long, the guy the controversy surrounds must be at fault because of a “pattern,” oblivious to the fact that the “pattern” was actually a pattern of the media deliberately targeting him and lying about/creating controversy because he was the star player who ran to the star in Dallas.

Origin: 2009, after Owens was cut by Cowboys and people thought that must validate the Werder article, as if anything being validated in that article would matter in the first place; a player keeping his concerns private is a good thing.

“Owens bashes teammates but never accepts any blame”

Definition: We heard the myth of him bashing two quarterbacks in the past and bought into it, and we are completely oblivious to all the instances in which Owens did, in fact, blame himself for mistakes he made during football games.

Details: A list of several instances of Owens blaming himself for losses/bad plays in games can be found here: https://owensdefense.wordpress.com/2015/12/10/terrell-owens-blames-others-and-never-accepts-blame/

Origin: 2005, after he was deactivated and the media insisted he had repeatedly “called out” McNabb, including the false assertion that he accused him of getting tired in the Super Bowl when that was actually Hank Fraley and Freddie Mitchell.

“Owens begged for a job with *insert team here*”

Definition: In an interview, Owens was asked if he’d be willing to join *insert team here* if they were to call for receiver help, and he said that hypothetically speaking, he’d be interested.

Details: People think Owens offers up answers in a vacuum.

Origin: 2011, while Owens was out of football following season with Bengals


“Owens BLASTED/RIPPED *insert person/people here*”

Definition: Owens made a subtle and/or tactful criticism of someone and “blasted” and “ripped” are much more eye-grabbing words, assisting our narrative that Terrell Owens is “outspoken.”

Details: Who should I pick on here for an example? Hmmmm. OK.

Tim Graham is an atrocious writer and a despicable human with the brain power of a gnat and deserves to be disemboweled with a wooden spoon. He should not be allowed to write a single word again without being dragged to the nearest lamp post and beaten to within an inch of his life before thousands of disease-ridden animals defecate on him. There has never been a worse writer in the history of the universe. Reading one sentence of one article written by Graham is enough to knock off 50 IQ points and simultaneously activate the fight-or-flight response.  Tim Graham is the worst person, place, thing, situation, or idea to ever exist, and if a creator ever tried to make something worse than Graham, he would fail, because Graham is the most disgusting, wretched cesspool possible within the parameters of existence that could ever be created for any universe. Graham is the very pinnacle of horrid in every facet of existence.

Now, compare that ^ to Terrell Owens saying things along the lines of, “again, I feel I’m a playmaker and would like to be more involved in the offense,” and tell me that’s “blasting”/”ripping” the offensive coordinator.

Origin: 2001, when the media’s attention turned to Mariucci vs. Owens now that the celebrations in Dallas were old news.

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