Mike Tanier, A Man Of Integrity

Because blatant misquotes are fun when they serve your agenda…here is Bleacher Report writer Mike Tanier with his “well-researched” article that he cutely thinks I should read to edumacate myself about Evil Terrell Owens:

When Owens failed to reach the Hall of Fame on his first ballot, he blasted the system and the selectors, whom he called “pencil pushers.” “I feel so disrespected” he said at Ticketstock 2016, complaining about the “media portrayal of [his] character.”

Well, that’s that, then. Oh, wait…have you tried actually going to the hyperlink he put the “I feel so disrespected” text in? Here’s something interesting:

On not getting into the Hall of Fame:
“I felt more so disrespected. I think you guys know, my stats speak for themselves. I think everyone realizes that there is a flaw in the system. I didn’t really have to say a whole lot. Around the country, two weeks after the Super Bowl and this whole induction thing, people are still talking about it. Obviously there is something that needs to be changed about it. I never really played the game to get in the Hall of Fame, anyways. I’m used to it. I probably would have been more surprised if I had made it. It’s a shame for some pencil-pushers to vote guys in, considering the body of work they’ve done and put out on the football field. What I’ve done throughout my career speaks volumes.”

“I felt more so disrespected” = “I feel so disrespected.” Now, typically quotes are supposed to contain something a person literally said…but who cares, right?  Close enough. Clearly, Owens responding to someone asking him if he was disappointed by saying “I felt more so disrespected” is the same as saying “I feel so disrespected.” There is no way the likes of Tanier deliberately misrepresent what he says – in this case, making it look like he was using “so” as an intensifier to complain, while altering the rest of the quote to completely change the meaning – in order to assist in their vilification intention.

Oh wait, that’s exactly what they do.

No big deal, though. It’s just sports media, so journalistic integrity isn’t important.

This is, of course, a lovely microcosm of what Owens faced throughout his career. It’s how the media started conflict between Owens and Jeff Garcia in 2003 following a loss to the Vikings by creating bogus headlines about how he had called for a quarterback change when he had done nothing of the sort, answering a reporter’s inflammatory question about a quarterback change perfectly tactfully by saying that it wasn’t his decision to make, Rattay did do a good job when he was in the game, “all of the quarterbacks can throw deep, it’s all about timing,” and he will play hard regardless of who is in at quarterback.

It’s how they managed to revise history so that you think it was Owens who accused McNabb of throwing up/getting tired in the Super Bowl, when it was actually Hank Fraley and Freddie Mitchell who broke that news.

And it’s also kind of like how they completely removed the context for Owens agreeing with Michael Irvin’s statement that the 2005 Eagles would be better with Brett Favre at quarterback – that context being that the very question before, Owens responded to Graham Bensinger’s question about the reason for the Eagles’ disappointing record by saying that he thought McNabb’s injury played a big role, and he thought that if McNabb was healthy, the Eagles’ record would be better. As it turns out, Bensinger’s question about Irvin/Favre was a follow up question to that, in which Owens innocently agreed that a healthy Favre would also have the Eagles in a better situation than an injured McNabb.

McNabb, of course, only heard their version of it, and he was just a little bit upset, prompting Andy Reid to inform Owens he must apologize to McNabb and the team about his “comments” or he would be disciplined. Owens’s refusal to apologize was, in fact, the reason his career in Philadelphia ended.

But hey, that’s why they pay these guys the big bucks.

And remember, if you agree with me about the sports media being dishonest, you’re a conspiracy theorist who also thinks vaccines cause autism, 9/11 was an inside job, and Alex Jones is a reliable source of information.

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