Bill Parcells did NOT call Terrell Owens “disruptive”

Here is, word-for-word, what Parcells said of Owens in his radio interview. The headline from the despicable weasel Michael David Smith of is not accurate. What a surprise – PFT/internet media using misleading/inaccurate headlines.

Parcells never said a word about the “locker room” or any of that assorted nonsense. He was strictly speaking about Owens as a route runner, alleging Owens was an unreliable route runner who would sometimes run routes at incorrect distances, which disrupts the quarterback. It was a poor choice of adjectives from Parcells, since the media is obsessed with its sickening anti-Owens terminology – disruptive, divisive, destructive…basically any word that starts with a “d” – however there is nothing vague about it. He was speaking only of his opinion of Owens’s performance on the field:


Radio host: Speaking of Dallas, T.O. and his time there. There’s a lot of conversation about whether or not he should have been a Hall of Famer. You’ve had an interaction with him, you’ve had thoughts about him. Do you think he’s a Hall of Fame player?

Parcells: You know, he certainly was highly productive. He was highly productive and did some very remarkable things on the field. Now, he also came with some other things that you had to deal with, and sometimes they weren’t always pleasant for some of the places that he was. But that being said, it’s a production business and he did produce at an extremely high level. Now, there are things that go unseen by the public – the people watching the game – there are things that happen on the field that, even when they happen, the fans and the layman do not recognize what happens. And in his case, he was so unreliable in some of the things he would do – because he would, you know, sometimes we’d have a route that was called at 12 and he’d run it at 9 – and that disrupts your quarterback. And things like that. But that being said, he still was highly productive and I do think that warrants very very strong consideration. I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t get in shortly.

Radio Host: Would you vote him in, Bill?

Parcells: I think I would. Yup. I think I would. And, you know I had my issues with him a little bit, but, you know that’s not unlike some other players. And, you know you just have to deal with those things and make the best of it. Sometimes it’s not comfortable for everybody, but you have to make the best of it.

Radio Host: What were your issues?

Parcells: Well, punctuality was one. He was periodically late for team meetings and, you know, we had to fine him quite a bit.

Keyshawn: You fined me, too, though, so that’s nothing new. You used to fine me every other day. (laughter)

Parcells: Yeah, but I was fining you for being overweight.

Keyshawn: And it wasn’t cheap fines, either.

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