Donovan McNabb Agrees With Owens

What Terrell Owens said (which he has mentioned repeatedly since 2006) about McNabb telling him to “shut the fuck up” in the huddle was already confirmed by McNabb years ago. Sorry to tell you that, Skip.

“Not a lot of people would know about this because [Owens] had a great season, everything went well, everybody’s smiling and enjoying themselves,” McNabb said, “but I believe it was the third play of the game. We had an ‘all-go’ call, [I] dropped back five steps, looked downfield, at that time I didn’t feel he came open, and checked it down to [Brian] Westbrook. It was an incomplete pass.”

Alas, it was the beginning of one of the strangest sports soap operas in recent memory.

“He came back, ‘Hey, I was open, throw the ball!’ Me being into the game, [I said] ‘Hey, get in the huddle man.’ In different words, obviously. He continued to talk about how he was open, throw the ball. And it [led] to me using some language that’s really not suitable for the kids. But I’m into the game. I’m running the huddle. This is my show. I’m going to see you a lot of plays and some plays I won’t see you. That led to us talking in the locker room. I don’t argue. I feel as men we can talk. Voices are going to get raised. But we can talk as men and when the conversation is over we understand each other.

“I called him a couple of days later just to get back on the same page. I just elaborated to him, ‘Hey, if we’re going to continue to do this, we’re not going anywhere. We have to be on the same page. I brought you here for a reason, for people to understand the chemistry that we have and the things we can do, which will lead us to winning a Super Bowl.'”

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