The Real Reason The Media Attacked Terrell Owens


In case you forgot – and most of you did – the media first went after Terrell Owens because of his controversial touchdown celebrations. It had nothing to do with what kind of “teammate” he was. It had nothing to do with “locker rooms.” Those are red herrings…which followed years later to justify continuing to vilify someone they had decided was a villain for his celebrations. Don’t believe me? Watch this video.

From Owens’s rookie year in 1996 until week 4 of the 2000 season, nobody in the media had ever written a bad word about him. In fact, they had only written exactly the opposite: that he was the “quiet” one of the 49ers’ receivers. The unselfish one. The undemanding one.

Then he twice celebrated on the star and his media portrayal completely changed. Everything that you think happened after that was the result of those celebrations – the lies, the misrepresentations of his responses to questions, and the ridiculous double standards applied to him for engaging in normal football etiquette, which caused people to believe in the ridiculous new narrative that he was somehow a bad teammate – all stemmed from what he did in week 4 of the 2000 season in Dallas.

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