Lies the Media Told About Terrell Owens

Ah, the Pro Football Hall of Fame. It’s a place controlled by sportswriters, who have 100% say in who is and is not inducted.

You know, sportswriters. The same people who lied about Terrell Owens since September 24th, 2000, when he infamously celebrated two touchdowns by posing on the Dallas Cowboys’ logo.


That was when they decided he was a villain, despite them previously never having written a single bad thing about him.

They made you forget all about that, though. Now they tell you the problem with him is he was a bad teammate, despite his actual former teammates saying they’re full of shit.

Now they tell you the problem is he “divided locker rooms,” despite the fact that they had never even used the phrase, “dividing locker rooms,” to refer to Terrell Owens, before 2005, which was Owens’s 10th season in the NFL. If you don’t believe me, go to the Google archives. Go to highbeamresearch. Try to prove me wrong. Find a single reference – written before the year 2005 – to Owens dividing a locker room.

You won’t, because it never existed.

Here’s the reality hardly anybody is aware of: The media made up the narrative of Owens being a bad teammate to justify continuing to vilify him after they had already decided he was a bad teammate because of his touchdown celebrations against the Cowboys.

Reminder: Owens’s coach at the time, Steve Mariucci, suspended him for these celebrations.

Once the media identifies a villainous target, they put said target under a microscope. They start reporting on normal etiquette and telling you it’s egregious behavior. They start twisting diplomatic answers to their questions into “outspoken” statements, using words such as “hinted,” “implied,” “intimated,” and “suggested.” And when they do get so much as a tame critical remark about somebody, you’re sure to see words such as, “blasted” and “ripped.”

And of course, the ultimate double standard: If somebody says something bad about them, they’re the bad guy. If they say something bad about somebody else…they’re the bad guy for saying something bad about somebody else.

And it’s OK for a player to bring up publicly discussed “locker room issues” surrounding Terrell Owens. It is not OK, however, for Terrell Owens to bring up publicly discussed criminal issues for other players, such as Ray Lewis and Marvin Harrison.

So in honor of Owens’s upcoming Hall of Fame induction, here is a list of all the things the media lied about regarding Terrell Owens.

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